Astrozap Dew Heaters

Astrozap Dew Heaters

The newly redesigned Astrozap Dew Heater Straps are the finest selection for an active dew fighting system made using carbon fiber technology. Astrozap has improved its Dew Heater Straps by placing the electrical cord on the same side as the velcro fastener. This improvement prevents excess wear on the cable and reduces the chances of snagging the cord on the equipment. More robust stitching increases durability and product life. Astrozap’s commitment to quality raised its manufacturing standards and it shows. Made with advanced carbon fiber technology, Astrozap Dew Heater Straps generate heat evenly across the length of the strap. The telescope side is made with material that does not mar or scratch the telescope's finish. An adjustable velcro attachment permits a snug fit for efficient application of heat.

When connected to the Astrozap Dual Channel Controller (AZ-720), the Dew Heater Straps can use electrical power efficiently to conserve battery life. Astrozap strongly advises not to use any other brand of dew controller with Astrozap Dew Heaters because damage can result.

The Dew Heater Strap will draw unregulated, full amperage when used with the Astrozap Simple DC Adapter (AZ-719).


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