Dew Shields

Dew Shields

The dew shield is the basic component of the passive dew fighting system.  Astrozap Aluminum and FlexiShields are proudly made in the USA of the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shields are custom made and painted to match telescopes manufactured by Meade (including the new ACF series), Celestron (including the new HD series), and the Takahashi Epsilon astrograph.  Astrozap FlexiShields are made from high quality ABS-grade polymers, velcro fasteners to provide a snug fit, and padded so as not to mar or scratch the telescope's finish.  They roll up easily into a convenient size for easy transportation to star parties and dark sky sites, near and far.  Astrozap Aluminum and FlexiShields are a vital part of dew fighting strategies. 

The Astrozap FlexiHeat Dew Shield uniquely combines both active and passive methods of dew fighting with the added feature of shielding the telescope from undesirable stray light.  Each FlexiHeat Dew Shield has a built-in Astrozap Dew Heater Strap.  When used with the Astrozap Dual Channel Dew Controller or the DC Adapter, the FlexiHeat Dew Shield performs both active and passive dew fighting methods to keep the telescope objective dew-free, thereby lengthening precious telescope time. 

Take a few minutes to browse the selections to find the right dew shield for your telescope.

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