Eyepiece Trays and Caddies

Eyepiece Trays and Caddies

How many times have you been at the telescope and had to swap out eyepieces, only to be forced to hunt around in your case to find the one you were looking for?  Maybe you had to stick it in your pocket and juggle other equipment in order to dig it out.  Let's not even think about accidentally dropping something on the ground..... but it doesn't have to be that way.  Astrozap's Eyepiece Trays end the hassle of hunting around for eyepieces.  When attached to your telescope, you can organize your eyepieces for ease of access and reduce the chances of damaging them in the process of swapping them out.  

All Astrozap Eyepiece Trays are made of solid aluminum and powder coated to resist corrosion and maintain an attractive appearance for years to come.   All Astrozap Eyepiece Trays accommodate both 1.25” and 2” eyepieces, Barlow lenses, and any other viewing accessory having 1.25” or 2” barrels.  

The Astrozap Dobsonian Eyepiece Tray attaches quickly to any wooden Dobsonian mirror box with a couple of screws.  The Astrozap Eyepiece Trays for the Meade LXD55/75 series mounts, the ETX, LX-90, LX-200 and RCX telescopes are specially designed to fit between the top of the Meade tripod and the base of the telescope.  They also have pre-cut slots to hold the Meade Autostar® hand paddle gently for safekeeping right at the telescope so that the hand paddle doesn't get damaged from a fall to the ground.  It is a useful and handsome addition to any Dobsonian or popular Meade telescope model.

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