Astrozap Light Shrouds

Astrozap Light Shrouds

Astrozap's Light Shrouds are a necessary accessory for all owners of Meade Light Bridge and Sky Watcher open tube (truss) Dobsonian telescopes to prevent dew formation on the optics and stray light that downgrades your image quality.  

Truss telescopes leave a large amount of space open to the air between the primary and secondary.  This design saves weight, but allows dew to form on the optics and stray light to enter the telescope. Both conditions degrade image quality and may prematurely end an observing run.  

Proudly made in the USA, Astrozap's Light Shrouds utilize material of a nylon and cotton blend, and are tailored to slide easily over the telescope's trusses.  Top and bottom drawstrings secure the shroud in place.   They also function as a passive dew prevention system like the Astrozap Dew Shield.  

Unlike competitors' light shrouds, Astrozap's distinctly designed Light Shrouds retain their shape, keeping the shroud material from sagging into the light path, even in moderate to heavy dew formation conditions. If you own a Light Bridge or Sky Watcher Dob, an Astrozap Light Shroud is virtually indispensable in the field.

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