Bresser Science MPO 401 Microscope

by Explore Scientific
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The Bresser Science MPO 401 Microscope uses polarized light. This light has a preferred vibration plane of light waves. Polarized light allows anisotropic objects to be viewed, whose observable properties are depending on the direction, "in a new light". This works excellent with crystals, animal hairs, feathers, muscles, nerve fibers and vegetable cell walls, all which have a preferred direction of its biomolecules, and shows structures which were hidden in a normal bright field image. Images made by polarized light are often characterized by a fantastic coloring. Polarized microscopes are used primarily in mineralogy, geology, biology and medicine.

In order to change the object's direction in a controlled way, the Science MPO 401 has a round, center-adjustable and full rotatable object stage with degree scale. The illumination and observation unit contains a halogen bulb lamp (20 W) with a dimmer, the field diaphragm (used to achieve the Köhler illumination), the 360° rotatable polarizer (for the production of polarized light), centering implements for the objectives and the polarized light analyzer.

The analyzer attachment is for receiving the 360° rotatable analyzer and optional available slips (Bertrand lens) for conoscopy; quartz wedge, » plate and »/4 plate used in order to get special color effects). The wide field eyepieces (WF10x), which are available as an option, are placed at the trinocular head with an inclination of 30°. These have an eye-relief adjustment as well as diopter adjustment. The images are bright, true colored, sharp and rich in details.


  • 2x WF10x eyepieces
  • 4 DIN-objectives (PL4x, PL10x, PL40x, PL100x oil)
  • 360° rotatable mechanical stage
  • Phase shifter
  • Amici Bertrand lens
  • Polarizer/analyzer combination
  • Dust cover
  • Power cable

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