Bresser Trino Researcher II 40-1000x Microscope

by Explore Scientific

Bresser Trino Researcher II 40-1000x Microscope

The Trino Researcher offers observing fun for an unbeatable price. Based on a solid metal body and equipped with DIN eyepieces and objectives, this transmission-type microscope fulfils even professional demands with its optical and mechanical quality. Offering excellent details, like the cross table for optimal object positioning or the focuser with coarse and fine drive for dead-sharp images. Instead of a binocular head, the Trino Researcher has a trinocular head. With this equipment, the observer can make binocular observations and - at the same time! - take photographs or use a PC eyepiece.

Included accessories:

  • 4 DIN-objectives
  • 2 eyepieces
  • Mechanical stage
  • Condenser
  • Trinocular head
  • Net weight total (incl. accessories) = 8.4 lbs.

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