Explore Scientific/Losmandy G-11 with ES PMC-8-II Electronics

by Explore Scientific
Save 38%

Explore Scientific/Losmandy G-11 with Explore Scientific PMC-8-II Electronics

  • NEW Electronics: Multi-Processor Micro-controller with 8 CPUs; 64 Kbyte EEPROM Non-Volatile Memory bank; a Wireless Ethernet 10/100 allows using a browser, ASCOM, or APP; Non-Volatile Memory
  • Motors: High-resolution .09° 400 count w/ micro stepping controller works at 12,800 steps per revolution. 
  • Software: ExploreStars App using open source OpenGoTo software modifiable using our SDK. Full graphical user interface. Uses Windows PC or Windows Tablet (PC and Tablet not included).
  • Mount specs: All machined aluminum and stainless steel, black anodized. All hardware made from stainless steel. One 3.750” diameter needle thrust bearing; One 2.000” diameter needle thrust bearing; Two 1.500” diameter needle bearings; 5.625” diameter; 7075 aluminum 360 tooth worm gear. Variable slip clutch on both axes. One knob per axis design.
  • Explore Scientific includes the RA Extension Kit ($295 value) used to insure seamless tracking through the meridian as well enable the user to split the mount head into two easy to carry pieces. Explore Scientific also provides a robust motor assembly which includes a helical coupler connector for the motor and worm block system as well as a heavy-duty motor adapter plate. Works in Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Altitude adjustment 6-68 degrees. Dovetail saddle-plate fits "D" Losmandy Style or Vixen Style. Removable stainless steel 1-1/4 inch diameter weight shaft w/safety knob and included 21 lbs counterweight.
  • Tripod: Includes new folding tripod with height adjustment from 33” - 48”; all machined aluminum, black anodized.
  • Capacity and weight: Instrument weight capacity 60 lbs.; Equatorial head weight 33 lbs.; Tripod weight 35 lbs.
  • Included: AC adapter.
  • Optional: 7 lbs and 11 lbs counterweights and Polar Scope.

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