Bresser Prepared Slides (25pcs/box)

by Explore Scientific
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Bresser permanent slides are conserved preparations. For highest contrast, most of items are stained. All preparations are labelled in German and English. A list with all preparations is included.

This set includes:

  • Penicillium,W.M.
  • Rhizopus Sporongia,W.M.
  • Chlamydomonas,W.M.
  • Pine Leaf,C.S.
  • Leaf of Winter Jasmine,C.S.
  • Corn Root Tip, L.S.
  • Vicia Faba Young Root C.S.
  • Corn Stem C.S.
  • Corn Stem L.S.
  • Cucurbita Stem C.S.
  • Cucurbita Stem L.S.
  • Basswood Stem C.S.
  • Basswood Stem L.S.
  • Pollen W.M.
  • Daphnia Sp W.M.
  • Hydra W.M.
  • Paramecium W.M.
  • Rotifer W.M.
  • Honey Bee Mouth Parts W.M.
  • Cardiac Muscle Sec.
  • Skeletal Muscle L.S,C.S.
  • Dog Small Intestine C.S.
  • Spinal Cord C.S.
  • Motor Neurons Cell W.M.
  • Blood Smear Human

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