Explore Scientific APO EDT Series Rack & Pinion Focuser - SKU# FOCEDAPO-RP

by Explore Scientific

Finding and holding that perfect crisp focus is almost effortless with Explore Scientific’s Rack & Pinion Focuser. Defined by its precision, this dual-speed 2" focuser comes with a 1.25" compression ring eyepiece adapter for added versatility. Three set screws firmly secure your eyepiece, adapter or other barreled accessory in place to make sure everything stays put so you can concentrate on the image.

The high-quality focuser offers 10:1 micro-focusing knobs as well as a rough focus knob. The dials themselves are large and knurled, so that you can grip them easily, even when your hands are cold or you are wearing gloves.


tem Number FOCEDAPO-RP
Weight 2.0lb; .91kg
Diameter 2"
Length 120.7mm

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