Explore Scientific iEXOS-100 HD PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System - SKU# ES-iEXOS-100

by Explore Scientific
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The iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System is a complete astronomical computerized Wifi or wired GOTO system that provides superior performance by pairing a proven German equatorial mount design with Explore Scientific’s revolutionary PMC-Eight™ Precision Motion Control system to flawlessly navigate the night sky and track objects as they journey across it. In this special bundle package, the iEXOS-100 comes with a selection of accessories designed to further enhance the mount’s performance in imaging situations. The accessories included in this special bundle pack are:

  • Illuminated polar finder scope, which has a reticle with both northern and southern hemisphere markings to ensure an imaging setup will meet the demanding alignment requirements for astrophotography anywhere in the world;

  • Azimuth adjuster adapter, which allows iEXOS-100 users to make fine azimuth adjustments for precise polar alignment;

  • Twilight medium duty tripod, which minimizes vibrations and allows users to add additional weight to the iEXOS-100 mount without compromising performance; and

  • Camera dovetail plate, which makes it easy to attach a camera to the mount.

  • Specifications
  • Item Number ES-iEXOS-100
    Mount head weight 9.45 lbs
    Tripod height fully collapsed 29.5 inches
    Tripod height open, retracted legs 25 inches
    Tripod height open, legs fully extended 42 inches
    Foot print 42 inches
    Tripod weight 11 lb; 5.0kg
    Mount weight capacity: Approx. 9 lbs (equipment weight only),15 lbs Photographic (equipment and counterweights); Approx. 19 lbs Visual (equipment and counterweights)

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