A/C Power Adapter for Astrozap Dew Controller - AZ-724

by Astrozap

The Dew Controller A/C Power Adapter converts A/C electricity to D/C and enables you to use an A/C outlet to power the Astrozap Dew Controller AZ-720. The Dew Controller A/C Power Adapter is compact size and features over voltage and short circuit protections.


Input voltage

90-264 Vac

Output voltage

12 ± 5%

Output power max

60 W

Output current max

5 A

D/C output connector

2.5 mm Barrel plug (2.5 x 5.5)

D/C Output cord length

59" (1498mm)

A/C cord connector

Standard USA Type B (3 prong)

A/C cord length

79 in. (2006mm)

Adapter size

115 x 53 x 38 mm

Adapter weight

310 g

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