About Astrozap

Astrozap started nearly 25 years ago and grew to be a leading manufacturer of telescope dew control and related accessories, with a large selection to match just about every telescope on the planet. Astrozap products are also your source for solar filters, dew controllers, light shrouds, eyepiece trays and other innovative products that are proudly handcrafted in the USA. We have been internationally recognized for our product quality, workmanship and customer service.

Why choose Astrozap for your telescope dew management accessories? Like other companies in our field, we know that to earn your business we need to offer the latest, high-quality products, at competitive prices and deliver service above your expectations. But we offer way more than even these benefits for our customers.

We at Astrozap don't just work here, we are all actively involved in amateur astronomy. It's our passion and has been for almost 25 years. Below is a picture of Astrozap Founder, Joe Golias, getting ready for a night of astrophotography.

Stephen Hawking has been an inspiration to the Astrozap Founder, Joe Golias, not only for Stephen’s contribution to our understanding of the universe, but also for his perseverance in accomplishing so much despite his ongoing battle with ALS. We thank The Estate of Stephen Hawking for their permission to include this picture and our thoughts.

One of Joe’s values has always been perseverance and he felt great honor when he was asked to provide an Astrozap Dew Shield, Dew Heater and Dew Controller as part of the Celestron telescope that Stephen Hawking was given in 2015. Joe’s perseverance in his company was rewarded when he saw his products being used by Stephen Hawking and Joe hopes that in some small way this story will inspire the Astrozap customer family to persevere in amateur astronomy – and to remember the one who taught us all what perseverance is all about, Stephen Hawking.

We know by experience that astronomy is one of the most exciting and personally rewarding activities anyone can become involved with but that at the same time it requires us to understand the unique needs of each and every customer and to deliver exactly what is needed to meet these needs. Our mantra is this: We don’t just sell telescope dew management accessories at Astrozap -- we sell successful customer experience with our products, and we work hard to get this right for each and every one of our customers.

We are the leading global telescope dew management accessory company and eager to share our insight and experience with dew management with our customers.

We wish you clear skies and much success and joy as a part of our astronomy family.