Astrozap Dual Channel Dew Controller - Newly Updated Model - SKU# AZ-720

by Astrozap

Astrozap has redesigned its Dew Controller with new features including more reliable state-of-the-art electronics, a removable power cord, and an optional A/C wall power adapter accessory. Proudly made in the USA!

Astrozap now offers an optional A/C Power Adapter AZ-724 recommended for use with the AZ-720 Dew Controller (click this link).

Each channel controls two outputs for a total of four outputs. Each channel is capable of a duty cycle from 5% on time at the low setting to 95% on time at the high setting.

The new Astrozap dew controller is manufactured for operation on 11-14 Volt DC and should never be operated with any other voltage. Total amperage capacity for all four outputs is 5 amps. The controller is supplied with a six-foot, removable power cord equipped with a cigarette lighter plug end. A 5-amp fuse is incorporated into the plug.  There is also a 5-amp fuse located inside the unit to offer protection when using other power sources such as our AC-DC 12v convert or other sources of 12v power. The power input requires is a tip positive 2.5x5.5mm DC plug.

The Astrozap dew controller can be used to power Astrozap Flexi-Heat dew shields and Astrozap Dew Heater Straps. The RCA output connectors will accommodate other brand dew heaters. When using high power bands, we recommend distributing the load across both channels.

The red power LED indicates that the controller is getting power. If power levels drop below 5 volts, the unit will turn off. If this happens unplug power from the controller and resume use with proper voltage. If the LEDs turn yellow this indicates incorrect polarity at the input.

The two red lights by the outputs indicate the power level of each channel.

The blue knob controls the blue outputs, and the white knob controls the white outputs. The brighter the red LEDs, the higher the duty cycle for that channel. When the controller is set to the lowest setting, it is effectively off.

For mounting, a ¼-20 threaded insert on the bottom is available for attachment to a dovetail or other locations.  We find Velcro straps also offer flexibility when a hard mount is not feasible.

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