Check out David Fuller's Eyes on the Sky Website

Astronomy enthusiasts in the northern hemisphere, especially new enthusiasts, are always looking for NIGHT SKY OBJECTS TO VIEW that are not only well WORTH VIEWING or imaging but are also PRACTICAL. There are so many lists out there that suggest what to look for BUT there is one list that I think goes to our top!

Check out David Fuller’s (Eyes on the Sky) suggestions for 40 objects that will yield a high return on the astronomy enthusiast’s satisfaction index. David gave us permission to use this link on site. What is really cool about this list is that his criteria make so much sense – yielding a list of objects that telescope owners of ANY aperture 60MM or more can find and observe these great objects fast and under most light pollution conditions. Further, David is adding video links to each object on the list to help you find and observe it!

Check out the list here (and also explore all the useful information on David’s Eyes on the Sky website.

Wishing you many dark skies.