Choosing a Dew Shield

All Astrozap Dew Shields are proudly made in the USA and are lined on the inside with special felt to absorb moisture and reduce or eliminate stray, off axis light as well as to protect the finish of your telescope. One size does not fit all! Astrozap manufactures dew shields to precisely fit each different telescope make and model -- and most make/model telescopes have several Astrozap Dew Shield choices.

We have provided two help pages to assist you in choosing your dew shield (use these navigation buttons in this category):

  1. How to Choose the Right Dew Shield
    • Aluminum versus Flexi material
    • Notches or not (clearance for dovetail bars and side bars)
    • Heated (Flexi-Heat) versus not (Flexi-Shield)
    • HyperStar accommodation or not
  2. Astrozap Dew Shields by Telescope Make and Model
    • Match your specific model of telescope to Astrozap Dew Shields that fit (Only Celestron models are currently on the matching chart but specific matches for other brands are currently in process).
    • While we have Dew Shields for most Celestron and Meade telescopes (and limited choices for Sky-Watcher and other brands), look for more Astrozap Dew Shield products in the future.