Made-to-Order Flexi-Shield™ and Flexi-Heat™ Order Form

Please be sure you have placed an order for an Astrozap Made-to-Order Flexible dew shield on and already have an order number.

Before your order can be fulfilled, Astrozap requires that you complete this form and email it to for each Astrozap Made-to-Order flexible dew shield product (or pair).

Please provide the following information:

 1. Please list your name, email address and order number.

  • Name _____________________________________________
  • Email address _______________________________________
  • Order number AZ __ __ __ __

 2. Check which you are ordering (check one only).

      ____ A flexible dew shield for a telescope

      ____A pair of flexible dew shields for binoculars/binocular telescope

3. Please list the manufacturer and model of your telescope or binocular product.

      Manufacturer __________________________________

      Model ________________________________________

4. Indicate the outside diameter on the front of the tube(s) where the dew shield slips on: The easiest way is to measure the outside diameter on the front of the tube(s) is to just to take a tape measure on the front of the optical tube from left to right -- outside edge to outside edge.

       ______ mm

5. Indicate the clearance on the outside front tube surface (needs to be at least 50mm): There must be at least 50mm of clearance on the outside surface of the front of the tube(s) where the dew shield(s) will slip on to hold it securely in place.

       ______ mm

 By submitting this order form, you acknowledge agree to the following:
  • Shipping time for Made-to-Order flexible dew shields is typically within 14 business days of receipt of this form. If longer we will notify you and you can accept it or get a refund.
  • The warranty for Astrozap-made products applies to Made-to-Order Flexible dew shields. However, since these are made to size specifically for the customer, all orders for Made-to-Order Astrozap Flexi-Shield and Flexi-Heat Dew Shields are non-refundable.