COVID Shipping Impact

Despite unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, Astrozap is very much open for business. Our supply chain is distributed and durable, which means we continue to source the products you need and ship them to you as quickly as we are able to fulfill orders. During these unsettling times, we are working hard to achieve our goal of continuing to deliver the same high level of service that you have come to expect from Astrozap.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding recent events.

What is the telescope backorder situation all about?

Due to COVID shipping and manufacturing delays, AND the increase in astronomy product demand that has occurred at the same time, most telescopes and many accessories are on backorder -- some telescopes are on extended backorder. Astrozap is certainly not the only astronomy products company dealing with these challenges. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and understanding. We are trying to place backorder notices on products as soon as we are able. If you place an order with Astrozap and the product is on backorder, payment will be taken at the time the order is processed in order to hold your place in our order line. You can be confident that orders will be shipped in the order that they are received and processed.

Why is there a major delay in shipping some products like telescopes but less delay for Astrozap products like dew shields and dew heaters?

Unfortunately, due to the extremely high demand for astronomy products and the shipping limitations with COVID that have been placed on some countries involved in their manufacturing, there are currently delays in many astronomy products, especially telescopes. Some telescope models are experiencing longer backorder times than others. The range of delays seems to be between several weeks and several months. We fulfill orders and ship them as soon as the product arrives at our warehouse.  Please read each product description carefully to see if it is known to be on backorder. We are doing our best to post notices on each product and category where there is a COVID related fulfillment and shipping delay. 

Astrozap manufacturers its own products in the USA, so for Astrozap dew shields, dew heaters and other products, we have more control over the production and shipping processes. Despite the increase in demand for Astrozap dew shields and dew heaters, most products in the Astrozap line are either in stock or have relatively shorter backorder times.

 Are Astrozap's carriers still fulfilling shipments?

Yes. As of the start of 2021, shipping times in the United States seem closer to normal. If conditions change, there may be shipping delays in which the carrier is working to get all packages delivered within the selected shipping time frame. Please note that our carrier, UPS, will continue to follow CDC and WHO guidelines. Depending on future situations, our ability to ship may change. We will update this page if changes occur.

Is Astrozap shipping internationally?

Yes. We are aware that some countries have restricted travel for its citizens; however, that does not affect cargo planes which are still allowed to travel. Please note that our carriers will continue to follow CDC and WHO guidelines. Depending on future situations, our ability to ship may change. We will update this page if changes occur.


Updated on February 1, 2021