Celestron 11 SCT CPC Aluminum Dew Shield - with No Notches - SKU# AZ-213

by Astrozap

The AZ-213 aluminum dew shield fits the Celestron 11" SCT CPC's including:

      • CPC Deluxe 1100 EdgeHD
      • CPC 1100 GPS SCT

Astrozap aluminum Dew Shields are the original Astrozap flagship products and are rigid, welded aluminum cylinders that are finished in high-quality and durable textured black powder coating. Astrozap aluminum dew shields have a flat black, non-reflective surface inside the tube to reduce or eliminate stray, off axis light. The felt liner where the dew shield mounts to the telescope protects the finish of your telescope and also helps to absorb moisture. There are nylon thumb screws that safely secure the aluminum dew shield to the optical tube. The 4 nylon thumb screws are only to secure the fit and not to replace any screws or go into any screw holes on the telescope.

15" Total Length

2.4 lbs. Weight

All Astrozap aluminum Dew Shields are proudly made in the USA.

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