Celestron 8 SCT/CPC Flexi-Shield® Flexible Dew Shield - No Notch - SKU# AZ-107-C

by Astrozap

The AZ-107-C Flexi-Shield® flexible dew shield fits Celestron 8" SCT/CPC's including:

  • CGX 800 8" SCT
  • Advanced VX 8" SCT
  • CPC Deluxe 800 EdgeHD
  • CPC 800 GPS SCT
    • The dew shield is the basic component of the passive dew fighting system with the added feature of shielding the telescope from undesirable stray light.
    • Felt-lined to help absorb moisture and to prevent extraneous light from reaching the optics and greatly improve contrast.
    • Made from the highest quality ABS-grade polymers.
    • VELCRO® Brand fasteners provide a snug fit and padded so as not to mar or scratch the telescope's finish
    • They roll up easily into a convenient size for easy transportation to star parties and dark sky sites.

12" Total Length

 Proudly manufactured in the USA!




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